Hallowed Halls


Hallowed Halls

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"Hallowed Halls"

This place has been on my list to find for years. I saw it in a photograph that I admired, location unlabeled. Captivated by the image, I decided to track it down. Research revealed the general area, so I set about hiking all possible canyons that could contain the scene. In the 3rd canyon on the 11th day, I found it. Rounding a bend into this scene was worth the effort. I was elated to find it better than I'd imagined. Here was a cathedral carved by God himself, out in the middle of the wilderness for any soul crazy enough to face the long drive up rugged terrain on a remote jeep road to access it, followed by a strenuous hike up the many bends of the canyon.

This canyon was one of the most unique I've been to. Slot canyons are all different, with different moods and personalities and feels to them. This one had a cold drafty feel, with ravens making bizarre sounds calling each other from their nests. The balance of warm golden glow with cool bluish hues made beautiful color harmony. The top of the canyon was striped orange, black & tan like a tiger.

Photography is a secondary activity. Experiencing the beauty and awe of a place by living, breathing, smelling, listening, seeing, and feeling all that makes it special and unique is the primary activity. If I'd left the camera behind, walking these halls of stone would have been worthwhile. I walked slowly up the canyon to its exit, and then back down the canyon to the entrance. Then I walked through again, taking in the light, color, & texture, taking in the swoosh of raven's wings, the whistle of wind, the glow of afternoon sun.

Composition credit: Guy Tal's "Blue Passage."

Made on film.

Fujichrome Velvia RVP 50

Mamiya RB67 Professional
Mamiya 90mm f/3.8

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