Tidal Wave


Tidal Wave

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I struggle to portray these places in a way that I'm satisfied with. This is the second try at this same spot, and I feel I did a somewhat better job the second time around, but still there is far more potential there than is realized here. The way the sandstone in this spot rolls over you like a massive barrel wave, frozen in time like a fossil is amazing to me. It envelopes you in the very fibers of the earth in a way only slot canyons can. 

I do realize that there are many who do not appreciate the desert the way I do, and there are others who appreciate it even more. I do wish I could open the eyes of those who do not see its beauty, but rather prefer to look at it as merely a desolate wasteland to be exploited by energy development and mining companies. 

These places are chocked to the brim with creatures specifically designed to their very core to dwell in it, creatures that could not live anywhere else. It is filled with life and not merely any life, but a sort of life that tells story after story about resilience and fortitude, about harmony with one's environment, about seeing the light in the shadows. 

It never ceases to amaze me when I top out on the rim of a canyon after a hike of many miles up harsh and eroded washes, only to find a tiny lizard barely the size of my little finger has found a home for itself and is raising offspring and foraging for food and water up on the exposed and narrow spine of one of the canyon rims.

If life can not only survive in these hottest and driest of places but vibrantly thrive, what excuse have we in our extreme convenience and abundance? 

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