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This stiff and curled dry blade of dune grass is all that remains of what was presumably once a whole plant. It has been blown around in circles all night long and probably for days by fierce winds out on the dunes. 

As I'd tried to sleep in my truck at my campsite nearby the night before, the wind howled ferociously and rocked my truck for most of the night. I awoke at 5am to make the mile-and-a-half trek out to the dunes followed by the 600ft climb in deep sand up the side of the dunes with all my camera gear and tripod. 

When I made this image, the winds were about 50MPH at the dune crest above, and I had all kinds of fun trying to change film rolls with sand plumes blowing up 50 feet into the air above me, and with waves of sand blowing at waist level! It was insane up there, and quite a phenomenal experience to be 600 feet up on a dune crest in the middle of the Mojave at dawn, with the entire place to myself! 

This image is a new addition to my "Mojave Monochrome" project, which is a study of the many diverse dune systems of the Mojave Desert on 6x7cm medium format black and white film.

Mamiya RB67 Professional

Fujifilm Neopan Acros 100

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