Salt & Light: A collectible  photographic journal


Salt & Light, Issue Two: Zion's Palette is now available! This exciting new issue features a project exploring seasonal change in the stunningly beautiful Zion National Park in Utah, in the southwestern United States. The entire project was created on large format 4x5" sheet film, in glorious full color. For this stage of the project, I wanted to focus on autumn and winter, especially on the incredible diversity of the multicolored leaves in the fall, and the serene and pristine beauty of fresh snowfall in the winter. The images have been carefully curated and the essays and stories inside thoughtfully authored and edited over a period of several months, and I couldn't be happier or more excited to finally be able to share the results of all this hard work with you, my supporters! To those of you who purchased Issue One, Mojave Monochrome, thank you! Your support means the world to me. To those of you who haven't yet had the ability to order your copy, it is still available here, and makes for an excellent complement to this second installment in my collectible series of affordable fine art publications.

When it came time to create the next issue of Salt & Light, I looked long and hard at what I'd built with the previous issue, and how I could improve upon it.

Here are some of the exciting improvements and changes that are new in Issue Two:

  • Bold new cover design featuring strong, classy and clean typography that will look great on display in your home or office
  • Many small improvements have been made to the content typography
  • New internal design layout, allowing for more text per page, while maintaining the open, airy and clean feel of the first issue
  • 100% large format 4x5" sheet film images created with the Intrepid wooden large format field cameras (pictured at top below), vs. medium format 120 roll film in Issue One
  • 100% full color images, vs. the black and white monochrome theme of Issue One
  • Much larger printed images, and more of them, including multiple two-page spreads

“Salt & Light” is a collectible fine art photographic journal.  This new issue contains several essays and stories about my trips to and experiences in Zion National Park, thoughts on artistic philosophy, fine art photography, and social media. I talk about the current state of social media, where fine art photography finds itself today in this ephemeral world, and how we as artists can and do relate to it. I discuss the how and the why of the way I do photography today, and also some of my thoughts and feelings surrounding Zion National Park. The magazine measures 8.5 x 11 inches, and many of the images are printed full-bleed or even full-bleed on two-page spreads. As a result, the vertical images are larger than an 8x10” print, and some of the horizontal images measure 11x17" in the hand. This makes for a very immersive viewing experience! I truly wanted to make this an easy and affordable way for as many of you as possible to experience and collect some of my fine art images in print. If you enjoy what you see, all of the images featured in this issue are also available right here for purchase as fine art prints. If you have any questions about ordering prints or about photography - mine, yours, or just in general - don't hesitate to email, call, text, or send me a message on Facebook or Instagram. I'll be happy to help!


When my wife Erica and I discussed coming up with a new photography publication, we looked at a lot of zines from other photographers and came to the conclusion that we wanted to offer something different from what we saw on the market. The majority of self-published zines seem to be primarily a photographic portfolio, with all the emphasis being on images and captions, but without any editorial text content. While this is an excellent and very enjoyable format, for me personally as an artist, I feel that my writing is the element that allows you to get to know me, join me on my adventures, and see behind the lens. We decided to make this a true "journal" in that it strikes a balance between photography and writing. Every other page is either a full page image or a full page of text, and in this way, the journal has a nice rhythm and flow to it. This issue takes what we created in the first issue, and builds upon it to try and explore this concept further. We hope you enjoy every page!


The images were very carefully curated from a larger body of work, and represent the current best of my ongoing Zion's Palette Project, which is a photographic exploration of the seasonal changes in Zion National Park. We picked the number of images we did because we wanted to force constraint in order to ensure quality. The stories and essays inside were thoughtfully authored over a period of several months and edited numerous times, going through repeated drafts in an effort to best convey my thoughts and feelings to you, the beloved reader.


In an era where seemingly everything is digital and created for the immediate, we wanted to craft something physical that is affordable, yet designed to last. We hope that these beautiful and carefully crafted journals will find a permanent place on your coffee table, nightstand or bookshelf and bring beauty and inspiration into your life whenever you look at them for years to come. The journal is printed on a thick premium velvet matte paper to ensure optimal print quality and longevity. We put a great deal of work into the graphic design and typography of the journal as well, as I have an extensive background in this field and wanted to this publication to stand out in a sea of other zines as one of the best. It is our hope that you will enjoy reading and viewing it as much as we enjoyed creating it for you.

The journal costs just $14.99 per issue. You can also purchase the electronic version of “Salt & Light” to read on your iPad, tablet, computer, and smartphone for just $7.99.