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Zion's backcountry washes take on an entirely different character in winter, and one of my favorite things to see was how the snow blanketed the various desert flora. The Yucca plants covered in snow, in particular, were really bizarre and fascinating to behold. This scene captures an ephemeral moment when a group of maples and cottonwoods in this wash were covered in a fresh coat of deep powder. The snow-buried Yucca made for a striking foreground element, and if you look closely, you’ll notice a set of bighorn sheep tracks leading through the deep snow around the Yucca on the bottom right of the frame. I captured this scene on Fuji Acros 100, and I admire the way it renders the red sandstone a dark charcoal gray and creates a strong contrast with the dark rocks and light snow. Acros has very fine grain structure, which results in gorgeous detail rendition & tonality.

2nd-Generation Intrepid 4x5 Field Camera
Fujifilm Neopan Acros 100
Schneider-Kreuznach 90mm ƒ/8 Super-Angulon lens
1.5s @ ƒ/45
4:20pm 12/28/2016

"The point is this. The arts are not the pretty but irrelevant bits around the border of reality. They are the highways into the center of a reality which cannot be glimpsed, let alone grasped, any other way. The present world is good, but broken and in any case incomplete; art of all kinds enables us to understand that paradox in its many dimensions. But the present world is also designed for something which has not yet happened. It is like a violin waiting to be played: beautiful to look at, graceful to hold-and yet if you'd never heard one in the hands of a musician, you wouldn't believe the new dimensions of beauty yet to be revealed. Perhaps art can show something of that, can glimpse the future possibilities pregnant within the present time." – N.T. Wright

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