Slumber in Monochrome


Slumber in Monochrome

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As I explored a familiar canyon in the high country of Zion National Park, I came across these two maples completely covered in a thick blanket of fresh snow. The snow was so deep in this spot that I had to set my backpack in over a foot of powder and carefully extract each item of my camera gear one at a time without dropping anything into the deep white fluff, lest it disappear. I love the delicate nature of the Maples paired with the elegant purity of the snow, and the vivid red of the canyon wall really creates a strong contrast which isolates the trees. I’d visited these two trees only a month prior and found them covered in vivid red leaves at that time. It is amazing to experience these special places during different seasons and see how the season completely transforms them, creating a starkly different atmosphere during each distinct time of year. In the winter, the rugged yet delicate landscape seems to be in deep slumber under a thick blanket of pure white.

2nd-Gen Intrepid 4x5
Fuji Neopan Acros 100
Fujinon W 180mm ƒ/5.6
2s @ ƒ/22
5pm 12/27/2016

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